Mike Lynch is a Canadiana, country soul artist from Niagara.  His brand of traditional country music is as real, honest, and authentic as it comes!   Its a pretty cool 4 piece with usually fiddle/steel , bass, drums, and Mike on acoustic and harmonica, and a whole lotta great Canadian songs and classic style country sounds!
In the past, he’s played some of the biggest stages in the country, and performed coast to coast, which he’ll tell you was the real reason he wanted to be a travelling singer. Mike laughs and says, “ I love the road, I love the scenery, but I mostly love a fun crowd”…  
 This Niagara artist brings to life a genuine real honest show and a few heartbreaking songs along the way. Expect: enthusiastic, fun, heartfelt, with a great, traditional country sound.  
Imagine if Stompin’ Tom Connors, Jim Cuddy, and Billy Joe Shaver had a child. Haha, well you know what I mean.  
  Mike has shared the stage with many names from the music world: Fred Eaglesmith, Charlie Major, Barenaked Ladies, Skydiggers, Willie P. Bennett, Roger Hodgeson (Supertramp), and many more.  
 I asked Mike how he feels about getting back on the road after these last couple of tough years,  “ I’m excited to sing my songs again and see some old friends, I ain’t 
 gettin’ any younger!”  (Note: Lynch performed 41 weekly ’Live in the bathtub’ concerts on Facebook over Covid!).

Contact Mike Lynch at:  lynchmusic@hotmail.com