July 15, 2012

Hey folks,  its been a super busy summer so far..    We toured out to Dauphin Manitoba (performing in Sudbury, Goulais River, Wawa, Rossport, and  Nestor Falls Ontario, along the way ) for Dauphin’s Countryfest! www.countryfest.ca     .    It was an amazing experience!   We performed the mainstage to at 1:30 on the Saturday for a big, enthusiastic crowd!  Then at 4:30 I was back on mainstage again with one of my heroes Charlie Major! As part of the “Songwriters Circle” with Clayton Bellamy, Arron Lines, Joel Stewart, Charlie Major, Wendell Ferguson..   I walked on stage looking for a seat and a microphone, and between Joel Stewart (CMT/artist)  and Charlie Major, there was one chair available.. I didn’t even think about it, the choice was clear..   As the songwriter in round came down the line, Charlie performed  “I do it for the Money”,  I followed with my “Will to Survive”!  Then he played “Backroads”, so I answered with “Old Fashioned Side of Me”, etc..   At the end of the show,  Charlie Major turned to me and said “Could I have a copy of your CD”..  I mean, this guy is a monster songwriter and a real nice guy too, and he wanted a Road Map!!

We then rushed back to perform at Roger Marin’s Cicadafest in St.Catherines On. The following week.  Where we headlined the Friday night!   This was a well run festival, with artists from all over North America appearing.. www.cicadafest.com  Was a great time!!  Check out the pics below! Pictures by Ian Faiers..