Happy New Year 2015 friends !

Sorry for the delay on releasing my upcoming album. But life gets busy what can I say.. I will make it available sometime soon  in 2015.  I’ll be releasing the CD with a video and available for purchase at Maple Music and itunes..

You can always purchase some of my back catalogue at www.maplemusic.com/mikelynch

Live shows are coming: I’d like to thank Old Winery(NOTL), The Merchant Ale house(St.Catharines), Jordan House (Jordan),  Golden Pheasant (the Duck),  Kilt and Clover(Beamsville)  for some great times in my local area here…Been great, thanks!  

Tour:  I may be hitting the roads in Canada in April, and I’ve been booked for a couple festivals out in western Canada for the summer of 2015. Will be busy with a tour as well..

So once again,  looking forward to seeing you out there at a show near you!!

Happy New Year to you,

Mike Lynch