October 2013… Blog

Well, it was a great summer and fall, and now I find myself getting into songwriter mode! I feel a new recording on the horizon.. This year has been full of inspiration, and I have no idea why.. Well I have some idea to be honest..(but that’s personal)! But lately the songs are flyin’ out of me.. I had about 30 song ideas, since May, 10 are keepers, and can’t wait to share.. But then a couple weeks will go by and who knows.. It may be partially the weather.. I don’t know.But here is some pics from my favourite gig this summer the Pembina River Nights in Evansburg in late July.. SO FUN!

! pembina pics11 mepianopembina pics2pembina pics8 joeljaymepembina pics6 me(cropped)pembina pics11 mepianopembina pics 1  I released ‘Transitions’ this past March, and it was definitely a new adventure for me, putting the piano in the show.. But I really enjoyed the intimate moments that it brought, and some of the ‘Happy Days’ sing alongs… If you didn’t get it yet, could be a stocking stuffer.. Its a romantic record, I will admit..But one of my personal favourites…